Grip Strength

Grip Strength.

Grip, what’s the big deal?

Grip and strength, well you can’t have one without the other!

One of the common question I get about Gorilla Grips is will they somehow magically improve your grip and make you able to do more pull ups, lift more weight, kip better?

Yes, but they wont do the work for you.

Think of this…

Bar Grip

It’s often suggested that if grip limits your ability to perform an exercise or move of weight.  So people substitute this with straps and hooks.

Eg. If your grip gives out before your biceps or lats give out.

If you are constantly looking to reduce the work on your hands in training by using devices that take the load off completely, what happens?

The difference between what you can hold and what you can lift or pull grows.
Long term, this isn’t progressive training.

As an example growth between lat development and arm development will get bigger.
A wide back and under-developed forearms…imagine it.

The first link in the chain of lifting.

Your hand strength and ability to hold forms the very first link in the chain of movements, the same as the foot is in reaction with the ground.  So artificially enhancing your lifting ability interrupts that chain, you want the whole chain to be strong.

Testing your hand strength along with the specific muscle group or task you are performing is a more productive approach.

A progressively stronger grip means you progressively overload your forearms.
What happens…they get stronger.

Yes Gorilla Grips will enhance your grip and protect your hands but the idea is not to interfere with that first part of the lifting/pulling chain.

When I re-designed Gorilla Grips, it was for hand protection, grip enhancement and development, in that order.

Keep on lifting.


Owner of Gorilla-Grips