6 Lesson to get great gains in the gym

great gains

To get great gains, a great result from your workouts doesn’t require a complicated solution.  Others would lead to believe otherwise.

The internet is littered with training ‘secrets’ which “will be revealed” once some poor unsuspecting 18 years old enters his/her credit card details, only to receive pdf which is full of cut and pastes from other people’s articles.

It’s not rocket science.  Below are some basic guidelines based on my 25 years as a coach which will give you the gaines you want BUT it only works if you underpin it with a one of basic principle…’Do what you say you’re going to do.’

Don’t Overcook It.

I’ve always admired body builders for their discipline.  One of the greats Lee Hany, is quoted as saying, “Stimulate, don’t annihilate your muscles.”

Never a wiser word spoken quote.

If you’re crawling out of the gym on the hands and knees, you’ve over cooked your body.  We’re all guilt of over training at some point, especially guys.  Our egos sometimes get in the way.  Don’t feed your ego, train your body.

Tip.  Work to volumes.

Set x Reps x Weight = Total Volume

Get more gaines from less reps but more sets.


Good Solid Basics.

Don’t try and re-invent the wheel.  Good basic exercises with with progressive weights.  Squats, Leg Press, Rows, Press, Dead lifts, Chest Press.  Don’t work in isolation.  Smaller muscle groups can’t lift the bigger weights.

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Feed Your Body.

If you want muscle gains you have to feed your body.  This is where bodybuilding and other athletic sports have more common ground than they think.  The worlds leading cyclists, runners, sprinters, boxers all need to fuel their body.

Protein for growth and repair.  Go for good quality sources such as, eggs, fish, poultry, meat and diary.

Carbohydrates are often portrayed as villains.  Try and get as much of these in green vegetables as you can.  This will also give you more nutrition per calories consumed.  Bread products are ok.  Try and stick to whole foods.

Fats, again often portrayed as villains.  Don’t be afraid of fat.  Fat is also nutrient rich with vitamin A,D and E.  Again whole foods where possible using eggs, fish, avocados and nuts.  Fat is also a great source of energy.  Remember to every gram of carbohydrate there is 4.2 kcal and to every gram of fat there is 9 kcals.  Don’t be afraid of fats.

Sleep like a baby.

This is probably the number one thing lacking in peoples training, sleep.  Whilst everyone’s sleep requirements are different it is at this time your body does the ‘heavy lifting’ with recuperations, repair and growth of the body.  Remember training in essence ‘damages’ your body.  It is the repair process that makes creates those adaptive gains you’re looking for and will happen when your body is at rest.

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If you were going to bake a cake, you wouldn’t just throw in a load of random ingredients and hope for the best would you?

This is how many people approach their training and get upset when they don’t get those gains.

Plan your training.  Schedule your training.  Know what each training session will contain.  Make sure you have a goal in mind and a plan in place of how you are going to reach that goal.

Finally…Do what you said you were going to do.

Follow through on your promises and plans.  It’s ok if your plans change or adapt, that’s normal.

But most of all, enjoy your training, surround yourself with good people and help people out along the way who may not have the confidence or experience you may have.



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