6 Lesson to get great gains in the gym

great gains

To get great gains, a great result from your workouts doesn’t require a complicated solution.  Others would lead to believe otherwise. The internet is littered with training ‘secrets’ which “will be revealed” once some poor unsuspecting 18 years old enters his/her credit card details, only to receive pdf which is full of cut and pastes […]

Grip Strength

Pull Ups

Grip Strength. Grip, what’s the big deal? Well you can’t have one without the other! One of the common question I get about Gorilla Grips (GGs) is will they somehow magically improve your grip and make you able to do more pull ups, lift more weight, kip better? YES! But think of this… It’s often […]

[Gorilla-Grips Friday Fuel] I messed up…

I messed up. We all do it. I’m only human. I fell off the wagon this past couple of weeks. More so this weekend in spectacular form! After Ironman I took part in in August. The pressure was gone. The training routine was finished. I’d achieved what I set out to do. It was like a […]