Gorilla-Grips Weight Lifting Gloves

Gorilla-Grips are a high quality weight lifting gloves.  Handmade in England by skilled craftsmen and women.  Established in 2001 Gorilla-Grips is a trusted brand with happy customers who keep coming back to us.

“Gorilla-Grips Won’t Rip Or Tear Like Other Weight Lifting Gloves.”

  • Robust Design Construction So They Won’t Fall Apart On You.
  • No More Calluses So That You Can Train Without Pain (or have hands like sandpaper!).
  • Durable Dual Layers Of High Quality Leather So They Protect Your Hands And Enhance Your Grip.
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  • Handmade in England By Skilled Craftsmen So That You Can Be Sure You Are Buying The Very Best.
  • Great Grip So That You Can Lift More For Longer (and stay protected).
  • No More Shredded Hands So You Don’t Have Wait For Your Hands To Heal.
  • Added Style (Why Wear Weight Lifting Gloves That Everyone Else is Wearing?)
  • Cool and Dry Weight Lifting Gloves So That Your Hands Don’t Get Hot and Sweaty.
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  • Gorilla-Grips Get Better With Age As They Mould To Hands.
  • Easy On Easy Off Design (Gloves That Won’t Turn Inside Out Or Get Caught up in Velcro!).
  • Strong Bonded Nylon Stitching So That Your Weight Lifting Gloves Won’t Fail You.
  • Made of High Quality Saddle Leather So Your Grips Feel Soft But Are Tough Yet Bullet Proof.
  • No Running Colours (like you see in poor quality weight lifting gloves).
  • Gloves That Won’t Smell Of Sweat (because real leather as antibacterial properties from the tanning process).
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