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Gym Gloves Are Important If You Are Serious About Your Training.

Fitness Gloves

Gorilla-Grips are a minimal design.  Yes, they will enhance your grip and protect your hands but the idea is not to interfere with that first part of the lifting/pulling chain.

Lets be honest there are loads of Gym Gloves out there.  The choice is huge.

But you get what you pay for.  Buy cheap buy twice!

Most, if not all Gym Gloves are outsourced and made in China, Pakistan, India very cheaply.  Cheap construction, cheap materials using lambs leather which is very soft but has no durability.

Its ok if you don’t want your Gym Gloves to last, what do you expect for cheap products.

With Gorilla Grips, we have the balance right.  No they won’t double your numbers, thats down to you and your grip strength, but they will protect your hands and enhance your grip.

Our production is so tight in terms of quality control we even know the team of skilled workers who construct them on a first name basis here in England.

  • Gorilla Grips are designed and made with quality materials to cope with the toughest gym workouts.
  • Easy on, easy off design.
  • No straps, no annoying velcro, no turning them inside out.
  • No Smell.
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Crossfit Gloves

 “As a coach for 25 years I know that one of the biggest things preventing people from training effectively is hand injury but it’s important to get the balance between protection and still developing grip strength when using gym gloves.”

Russell Pearcy (Owner of Gorilla Grips)

  • Our manufacturers are based in the UK and have over 25 years experience of working with leather.

  • We only use the finest saddle leather made from UK cattle hides which is soft, supple and very hard wearing.

  • The tanning process we use means the leather takes on anti-bacterial properties.

  • We use bonded nylon stitching for greater strength.


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Crossfit Gloves

“I hated the idea of having my Gorilla Grips made abroad.  Sure I could have done it on the cheap, but I wanted to improve Gorilla Grips and combine some luxury, functionality and protection.  I wanted to use the best materials, the best construction with a manufacturer I can work with and trust.”

Russell Pearcy (Owner of Gorilla Grips)


I like good service as much as the next person.  Feel free to contact me directly on  I am a big believer in putting a face to my product. I always endeavour to get your Gorilla Grips to you as soon as possible.  99.9% of the time I get it right, but I am only human.  I will never knowingly send you order out late or a pair of Gorilla Grips that are not up to standard I would want them to be.

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