[Gorilla-Grips Friday Fuel] I messed up…

I messed up.
We all do it.
I’m only human.
I fell off the wagon this past couple of weeks.
More so this weekend in spectacular form!
After Ironman I took part in in August.
The pressure was gone.
The training routine was finished.
I’d achieved what I set out to do.
It was like a weight off my shoulders.
But you know what?
Now the pressure is gone…I miss it!
Where I thought I’d feel good…I don’t!
Where I thought I’d feel more relaxed…I don’t.
Eating and drinking too much of the wrong things.
Late nights.
That cycle of destruction.

Those lost pounds are starting to creep back on again.

When I had something to aim for, sure I felt pressured.
I was more organised.
I was sleeping better.
I feel like I was a better Dad too.
So what have I done about it?
Some FUEL for me is that I need some goals.
Something to achieve.
Somthing out my comfort zone.
No…Im not going to wait till January 2016
That’s a sure fire way to set yourself up to fail.
I’ve started training NOW, yep last weekend.
My kettlebell team here in the UK are entering the Welsh Kettlebell Championships.
There’s also the Scottish, English and Irish Championships.
I’m also going to enter a full Ironman in October.
So find yourself some FUEL.
It doesn’t have to be extreme.
Step up and take something on?
Do your first 10k.
Lose that weight you’ve been talking about.
Get your health in order.
Walk up a mountain.
If you want next year to be same as last year, and the year before that, that’s ok.

But don’t stand there New Years Eve saying “this is my year” and have nothing planned.
Have a great weekend wherever you are in the world.