A few words our customers…

I received the grips this morning, they are great, added 20kg onto my final set of deadlifts! Way way better than gripads”

“I love my pink training grips, they are the best pink training gloves I’ve had.  I love Russells emails too.  Great training advice, fresh ideas.”

Pink Training Grips

Thank you Russell, and just a little note for you- I bought my first pair of Gorilla Grips of these in roughly 2004 and have just now worn them out with 2-4 days per week of heavy weight training!  So, thank you for making a great quality product!!

 “I just wanted to send a message to say how impressed I am with your company, service and lovely grips. It is a pleasure to do business with you.”


“A valuable training tool that’s have breathed new life into my kettlebell sessions.”

Stephen Aish

I can finally do a lot of muscle ups without ripping my hands at all!

I’m so glad I had my grips today Best invention since the Kettlebell !! Love them they are my best fathers day present ever.

Training done love my new @GorillaGripsUK

“Gloves are for gardening, not for lifting. Towels slip, but Gorilla-Grips slide onto your hand and unlike gloves won’t dry out and crack.”

Mens Fitness Magazine

Getting To Grips With Eating

We all need to getting to grips with eating from time to time. If you’re training and hard, be it Crossfit, Kettlebells, Olympic Lifting or just staying healthy in the Gym… …YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! Most people are drawn to specific type of eating patterns, and generally fall into two camps. The Training Diet Fueling […]