A few words our customers…

“Gloves are for gardening, not for lifting. Towels slip, but Gorilla-Grips slide onto your hand and unlike gloves won’t dry out and crack.”

A Valuable Training Tool

“A valuable training tool that’s have breathed new life into my kettlebell sessions.”

“Gorilla-Grips have allowed me to concentrate on my technique and they really do get better with age!  Do youself a big favour and get yourself a pair, they work as advertised if not better.”

Added 20kg Onto My Final Set Of Deadlifts

I received the grips this morning, they are great, added 20kg onto my final set of deadlifts! Way way better than gripads”

Brilliant Product Thanks

I can finally do a lot of muscle ups without ripping my hands at all!

I Love My New Hot Pink Training Gloves.

I love my hot pink gorilla grips, they are the best pink training gloves I’ve had.  But even more my husband and I love Russells emails.  Helps us with our training with fresh ideas and my our mindset.

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Grip – Stop Being Lazy!

One of the common question I get about Gorilla Grips is will they somehow magically make you able to do pull ups or kip better. When I designed Gorilla Grips, it was for protection and grip enhancement, in that order. A minimal robust design so you could continue to train for longer. Yes, it does […]

Crossfit Grips and Handbags

Crossfit Grips and Handbags I read in a forum, some guy was asking about some Crossfit Gloves. Some macho idiot replied  “In Crossfit, if you wear Crossfit grips you need a matching handbag.” Thats pretty funny I suppose.  But in my humble opinion it’s one of those BS bravado things. Fact though, Crossfit athletes around the world use Gorilla Grips. […]

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Training Grips – Made in England

  When it comes to Training Grips – Made in England I’ve always been a believer in, “You get what you pay for.” “Buy cheap, buy twice.” The last year I spent a huge amount of time travelling around the country and meeting up with manufacturers who specialised in working with leather. Face value, our […]