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  • Gorilla-Grips will not tear, pinch, run colours or smell.

  • A high quality protective workout grip

  • More effective than workout straps.

  • No sweaty palms, slippage or calluses.

Handmade in England with a new design, Gorilla-Grips make great gifts for weight lifting workouts, kettlebell training or Crossfit WODS.

"Made From High Quality Saddle Leather"

Made from 2 layers of high quality saddle leather that is soft and durable, Gorilla-Grips is the only genuine high quality leather training grip on the market est. in 2001.  Designed for the smarter exercise enthusiast who don't like to follow the crowd, Gorilla-Grips have an eye catching design in some bespoke and limited edition colours.

"Our time tested rugged design and construction has customers coming back.  Because our Gorilla-Grips are hand made and practically bulletproof the main reason they buy another pair is because they lose one!" 

Russell (Owner of Gorilla-Grips)

Gorilla-Grips simple design allows the user to slip the grips on and off quickly and effortlessly.  Using high quality elastics that feel secure and comfy but still allow airflow to your hands for a drier and safer workout.  Gorilla-Grips also provide you with the maximum freedom of movement.  They don't impede your sense of touch or 'feel of the bar' which is important when lifting weights.  You can focus on building your body and forget about annoying calluses and no more sandpaper skin.

A few words our customers…

“Gloves are for gardening, not for lifting. Towels slip, but Gorilla-Grips slide onto your hand and unlike gloves won’t dry out and crack.”

A Valuable Training Tool

“A valuable training tool that’s have breathed new life into my kettlebell sessions.”

“Gorilla-Grips have allowed me to concentrate on my technique and they really do get better with age!  Do youself a big favour and get yourself a pair, they work as advertised if not better.”

Added 20kg Onto My Final Set Of Deadlifts

I received the grips this morning, they are great, added 20kg onto my final set of deadlifts! Way way better than gripads”

Brilliant Product Thanks

I can finally do a lot of muscle ups without ripping my hands at all!

I Love My New Hot Pink Training Gloves.

I love my hot pink gorilla grips, they are the best pink training gloves I’ve had.  But even more my husband and I love Russells emails.  Helps us with our training with fresh ideas and my our mindset.

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